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A thin Node.js wrapper for working with Google's Civic Info API.

It's heavily inspired by Joanne Cheng's civic_info Ruby gem.

Getting Started

Secure a Google API key.

Install civic-info.js:

npm install civic-info

Require and instantiate civic-info.js with your API key:

var civicInfo = require("civic-info")({apiKey: 'YOUR KEY HERE'});

// Alternatively, you can set a GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable and instantiate like so:
var civicInfo = require("civic-info")();

Example Usage


Get election info and election IDs:

civicInfo.elections(function(error, data) {

Voter Info

Get 2012 presidential election info for a voter address:

civicInfo.voterInfo({address: 'SOME ADDRESS'}, function(error, data) {

Get election info related to a specific election and address:

// NOTE: electionIDs can be retrieved from the elections API
civicInfo.voterInfo({electionID: 'SOME ID', address: 'SOME ADDRESS'}, function(error, data) {