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A Visual JavaScript Library For HTML5 Canvas

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Table of Contents

## About

Citron JS is a seamless visual library built to enhance canvas design. It's only 1.1 KB minified + gzipped. It's fast so you don't have to worry about a stupid page loader. It's also easy to use, there are comments in the templates to make it easier for you to understand.

## Getting Started

CitronJS is pretty simple to use. It uses object constructors to define variables in the script. The templates for all the shapes are located in the templates folder. So first you need to link the script file to your <head> tag (this will be in the docs below). Next, you create the <canvas> element in your HTML like this: <canvas id="citron" width="500" height="500"></canvas>. You can change the width and height to your own liking, but the id "citron" is essential. Then you create your own script file and link it to your HTML. Again, you can find the templates for the object constructors with helpful comments.

## Docs

Getting Citron for your site...

Download: (minified + gzipped)

Download the citron.gz file here


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


$ npm install citronjs --save


$ bower install citronjs

## Features

These are some of the objects that you can construct in version 0.1.1

  • Line
  • Quadratic Curve
  • Arc
  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Septagon
  • Octagon
  • Nonagon
  • Semicircle

What's new in CitronJS v0.1.3:

  • shadows for shapes
  • **added missing semicolon to ctx.fill();

## Citron Tutorials

If CitronJS gets sorta confusing, we have markdown tutorials here.

## Grinders

## Contribute

If you would like to be in the contributors list, please make a good, purposeful, contribution. Any contributions that are not purposeful will be revoked. Please contribute HERE.