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Node lib for interacting with v2 of the Circonus API

Exported methods

  • setup: inital setup function to give the API your auth token, app name, and options
  • get, post, put, delete: proxies for the various HTTP methods used for REST calls


  • callback functions take 3 args (code, error, body)
    • code: HTTP Response code, if null a non HTTP error occurred
    • error: Error message from API, null on 200 responses
    • body: Response body, i.e. the thing you probably want, if it wasn't null you will be handed an already parsed object


var api = require('circonusapi2'),
    app_name = 'TEST APP';

api.setup(auth_token, app_name);
api.get("/check_bundle/12345", null, function(code, error, body) {
  if ( ! error ) {


  • protocol : "http" or "https", default https
  • apihost : default ""
  • apiport : default 443
  • apipath : default "/v2/"