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circlesio-sdk SDK

Allows you to use your api


start with setup with a require and your domain with the token

var  Circles = require('./lib')
    ,circles= new Circles("","yourToken");

then you can do

  • read
  • create
  • update
  • delete

Just specify the collection your calling then the data your passing








The collection is the data collection name (string) :

  • item
  • instance
  • client
  • profile
  • grid
  • blob
  • loader
  • level
  • role
  • event
  • report

Model is the data that will become the data object (object):

Data that will be saved or updated The data being updated can be saved with deep model meaning if you have an object

{ name : {
     first :"john"
    ,last  :"smith"

you can update just the first name with :

{ 'name.first':'jane'}

or with arrays you can :

{ toys : ['car','truck','drums'] }

you can update just truck with :

{ 'toys.1':'bus'}

where 1 is the index

Query is the search lookup using normal mongodb queries (object):

Mongo Basic Queries Mongo Adv Queries just {} will return all and with the addtion of just

{ _id : ''}

Options (object) [optional]:

  • skip (int)
  • limit (int)
  • sort (object)