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NodeJS stack for resilient web-apps (with forever-clusters-connect-urlrouter-domain-httboom)

«per me è la cipolla» ~Pedro


Writing solid error-proof web applications in nodejs is sometimes hard; we've built this wrapper to simplify our job of running, monitoring and maintaining business-critical applications.
It's not designed to be flexible but, instead, to fit perfectly our tools and developing process.
If you need to use library b instead of a feel free to fork this repo.


  • Forever to automatically restart the application on crash or code changes
  • Cluster to handle worker crashes and take advantage of multi-core systems
  • Connect as the HTTP middleware, plus:
  • Domains to handle unexpected errors / throws
  • HTTBoom to handle user and application errors


npm -S install cipolla


See examples/ for a full working example,

You should create an error.jade template to display User and Application Errors (see examples/views/error.jade).

Env: production

Then, to start your application in production and run it forever, watching for file changes, simply use:

NODE_ENV=production nohup node app.js &

nohup ensures the process will not be killed when you close the shell.

Env: development

When NODE_ENV !== 'production' only a single worker is started and files are not watched for changes (use supervisor or forever yourself).