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NOTE: this project is under active development. Please don't use it yet.

cipm(1) -- install npm dependencies from a package lock


cipm [--userconfig <path>] [--ignore-scripts] [--offline] [--loglevel <level>]


npm install [-g|-D] cipm


When invoked inside an npm project with a package.json and package-lock.json (or an npm-shrinkwrap.json), it will install the specified dependencies and run their install scripts.

The main difference between this and npm install is that cipm is both a small, standalone program, and that it can bypass a lot of the heavier machinery in npm oriented towards interacting with invalid states: cipm completely removes node_modules before beginning the install, if it exists.

cipm also requires that the current project have an existing lockfile, which must first be generated using npm install in npm@5 or later versions (or any other package manager supporting lockfileVersion@>=1).

This tool is ideal for using in CI environments that require regular, full installs of an application, but that are usually able to cache package data in a central cache.



Written by Kat Marchan.


Please file any relevant issues on Github.


This work is released under the conditions of the MIT license. See for more details.


  • npm-install(1)
  • npm-package-locks(5)
  • package-lock.json(5)