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A JavaScript port of CipherSweet, which is a PHP library that implements searchable field-level encryption.

Before adding searchable encryption support to your project, make sure you understand the appropriate threat model for your use case. At a minimum, you will want your application and database server to be running on separate cloud instances / virtual machines. (Even better: Separate bare-metal hardware.)

CipherSweet is available under the very permissive ISC License which allows you to use CipherSweet in any of your JavaScript projects, commercial or noncommercial, open source or proprietary, at no cost to you.

CipherSweet Features at a Glance

  • Encryption that targets the 256-bit security level (using AEAD modes with extended nonces to minimize users' rekeying burden).
  • Compliance-Specific Protocol Support. Multiple backends to satisfy a diverse range of compliance requirements. More can be added as needed:
    • ModernCrypto uses libsodium, the de facto standard encryption library for software developers. Algorithm details.
    • FIPSCrypto only uses the cryptographic algorithms covered by the FIPS 140-2 recommendations to avoid auditing complexity. Algorithm details.
  • Key separation. Each column is encrypted with a different key, all of which are derived from your master encryption key using secure key-splitting algorithms.
  • Key management integration. CipherSweet supports integration with Key Management solutions for storing and retrieving the master encryption key.
  • Searchable Encryption. CipherSweet uses blind indexing with the fuzzier and Bloom filter strategies to allow fast ciphertext search with minimal data leakage.
    • Each blind index on each column uses a distinct key from your encryption key and each other blind index key.
    • This doesn't allow for LIKE operators or regular expression searching, but it does allow you to index transformations (e.g. substrings) of the plaintext, hashed under a distinct key.
  • Adaptability. CipherSweet has a database- and product-agnostic design, so it should be easy to write an adapter to use CipherSweet in any PHP-based software.
  • File/stream encryption. CipherSweet has an API for encrypting files (or other PHP streams) that provides authenticated encryption that defeats TOCTOU attacks with minimal overhead. Learn more.

Install Instructions

npm install ciphersweet-js 


CipherSweet uses Sodium-Plus internally. The default Sodium-Plus backend is cross-platform, but you can obtain greater performance by installing sodium-native too.

npm install --save sodium-native

This isn't strictly necessary, and sodium-native doesn't work in browsers, but if you're not targeting browsers, you can get a significant performance boost.


The CipherSweet.js documentation is available online at

Support Contracts

If your company uses this library in their products or services, you may be interested in purchasing a support contract from Paragon Initiative Enterprises.

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