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node.js API for Cineworld.


Use NPM:

npm install cineworld-node

Or from source

git clone git://
cd cineworld-node
npm link


var Cineworld = require('cineworld-node');
var cw = new Cineworld('my-key');

cw.cinemas(function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

cw.films(function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

cw.dates(function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

cw.performances({film:'edi-id', cinema:'cinema-id', date:'date'} function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

cw.categories(function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

//events, res, json) {console.log(json);});

cw.distributors(function(err, res, json) {console.log(json);});

For the full list of params see: Cineworld API Documentation