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Measures the rate at which a given stream emits data chunks and streams the result.

var chunkRate = require('chunk-rate-readable')
  , numbers = require('../test/fixtures/number-readable');
var numbersStream = numbers({ to: 20, throttle: 200 })
var last = 0;
chunkRate(numbersStream, { objectMode: true, interval: 500 })
  .on('data',  function (rate) {
    var indicator = rate === last 
      ? '='
      : rate > last ? '' : '';
    console.log(' %s  %d/500ms', indicator, rate);
    last = rate;

example output


npm install chunk-rate-readable


function ChunkRateReadable (stream[, opts])

Creates a readable stream that will emit how many chunks the given stream emitted during the given interval.

@name ChunkRateReadable @function params:

  • stream ReadableStream whose chunk rate is measured
  • opts Object with the following properties:
    • objectMode {Boolean} if true rate is emitted as actual numbers, otherwise as buffers
    • interval {Number} at which to measure the rate (default: rate/500ms)


ReadableStream that will emit updates about the chunk rate of the given stream.


Call this in case you want to tell the rate stream to end. Useful for testing and/or when you want to end your debugging session and allow the program to exit.

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