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Chuck Norris Programming Language

by @angrykoala

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Chuck Norris can code using binary without 1, with Chuck Norris Programming Language (CNPL) you also can!. For those who think assembler is a high level language.


The syntax is probably the easiest to learn: 0 is the only command you'll need. What does 0 do? Everything.


Chuck Norris code is so powerful that no current machine can process it, so a higher abstraction was made to make the code comprehensible for humans (and machines):
[0]{12} means "twelve zeroes" and it is translated 000000000000 in pure Chuck Norris Code.

All ChuckScripts allow comments, and only the first command with the syntax [0]{...} will be executed. The extension is .cnpl

Hello World!

CNPL is fully functional, based on JavaScript. To start coding, just tweak this simple hello world:




You can install chuckScript from the official npm repository typing:

npm install -g chuckscript

Or you can manually clone from github and install with npm install

You need node and npm installed on your system


CNI (Chuck Norris Interpreter) is the official CNPL interpreter and allows you to execute CNPL (extension .cnpl) in your machine:

cni myprogram.cnpl


Of course, CNPL is the only language you'll ever need again, however, to start learning it cni also brings a cnpl code generator, which will convert your old, un-epic JavaScript code into a bright new CNPL code, to use it:

cngen myoldjs.js newsupercode.cnpl


In the folder /examples you'll find some ready-to-use examples of cnpl code:

  • hello_world.cnpl: The proper way to start learning a new language, with a easy-to-learn hello world
  • loop.cnpl: Learn the easy loop syntax of ChuckScript with this example
  • sever.cnpl: ChuckScript is web-development ready, in this example you will learn how to make your own server

Module Usage

To use chuckscript in your node.js code, simply require('chuckscript'):

  • execute(code): Executes given cnpl code (using javascript cni).
  • cnpl2js(code): Translates cnpl code to javascript, returns string with js.
  • compile(jsCode): Compiles javascript code into chuckscript.

CNPL is a improved version of Unary esoteric language

ABC.js (c) 2013 Stephan Schmitz


npm i chuckscript

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