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chromext is a command line tool that can create a basic workspace for Chrome Extensions with CoffeeScript, Stylus and Jade support. It includes a compilation system that automatically compiles the source files and watches changes. Also, it can automatically archive the workspace into a .zip. It's pretty handy.


npm install -g chromext


Setting up a chromext workspace

Chromext can set up a simple and basic Chrome Extension workspace for you. Simply do:

chromext init [name]

This will ask you for a extension name, a description and a version which will be written into the manifest.json. If name is not given, the extension will be created in the current directory.

Compile source files on-the-fly

Chromext can automatically watch file changes in your workspace and convert coffee, stylus and jade files for you. To run the watchers, do:

chromext watch [name]

Building the extension

Chromext can automatically create a .zip file for you, which you can upload to the Chrome Developer Dashboard. To archive your workspace into a .zip file, do:

chromext build [name]

Please note that you need to have the zip command line tool to build extensions using chromext.