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chrome extension bootstrap with coffee, jade and stylus


chromext is a command line tool that can create a basic workspace for Chrome Extensions with CoffeeScript, Stylus and Jade support. It includes a compilation system that automatically compiles the source files and watches changes. Also, it can automatically archive the workspace into a .zip. It's pretty handy.

npm install -g chromext

Chromext can set up a simple and basic Chrome Extension workspace for you. Simply do:

chromext init [name]

This will ask you for a extension name, a description and a version which will be written into the manifest.json. If name is not given, the extension will be created in the current directory.

Chromext can automatically watch file changes in your workspace and convert coffee, stylus and jade files for you. To run the watchers, do:

chromext watch [name]

Chromext can automatically create a .zip file for you, which you can upload to the Chrome Developer Dashboard. To archive your workspace into a .zip file, do:

chromext build [name]

Please note that you need to have the zip command line tool to build extensions using chromext.