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Chromatic CLI

Publishes your Storybook to Chromatic and kicks off tests if they're enabled.

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System requirements

The Chromatic CLI (and GitHub Action) is built to run in a variety of environments. We provide support for the following platforms:

  • Latest (LTS) versions of Ubuntu, Windows (Server), macOS
  • Node.js Current, Active or Maintenance (LTS) versions, according to their release schedule
  • Storybook 6.5+

Other platforms/versions may work, but are not officially supported. Certain features may not be available on certain platforms/versions, even if otherwise supported.


Contributions of any kind are welcome! We're available to chat via the Intercom widget on the documentation site.

Compatibility & versioning

Compatibility is guaranteed between this package and Chromatic like so:

  • Production Chromatic ensures it’s compatible with what’s on npm
  • What's on the Git tag is equal to what's published on npm for that version
  • This package ensures it’s compatible with production Chromatic

To facilitate upgrading in the future, removing and adding features, this is the process:

  • Any new features will have to be on Chromatic production before they could be used in this package
  • We can add feature flags to be able to test new functionality
  • Chromatic production can not remove any features this package depends on until after the usage has been removed from this package in addition to a grace period to allow users to upgrade

Building and running locally

  1. Ensure all dependencies are installed with yarn install
  2. Build + watch the code locally: yarn dev
  3. Run a build of all the CLI's stories against a Chromatic project: yarn chromatic -t <token>.

Running against staging

CHROMATIC_INDEX_URL= yarn chromatic -t <token>

Running against development

To test against a local development version of the Chromatic stack, use

CHROMATIC_INDEX_URL= yarn chromatic -t <token>

To only test a small number of test stories as a smoke test, use:

SMOKE_TEST=1 CHROMATIC_INDEX_URL= yarn chromatic -t <token>

Publishing a new version

We use auto to automate the release process. Versions are bumped, tags are created and the changelog is updated automatically. A new release goes out whenever a PR is merged to main. A PR must have exactly one of the following labels before merging:

  • major triggers a major version bump
  • minor triggers a minor version bump
  • patch triggers a patch version bump

Additionally, a PR may have exactly one of these labels:

  • release creates a latest release on npm
  • skip-release does not create a release at all (changes roll into the next release)

We have two types of releases:

  • latest releases are the general audience production releases, used by most people. Automatically created when merging a PR with the release label.
  • canary releases are intended for testing purposes and should not be used in production, as they may only work against a staging or dev environment. Automatically created on every PR, but does not auto-publish the GitHub Action.

For GitHub Actions, we may manually publish chromaui/action-canary.

A script is provided to manually publish the GitHub Action, though it's typically only necessary for action-canary releases:

yarn publish-action <canary|latest>

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