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A tiny TypeScript Color Harmony library built on top of chroma-js.

Try out with the interactive online editor!

Color Palettes

Use it in order to quickly generate sequential, diverging, or qualitative brewer color scales for data visualization: A table of 7 Color Harmonies

Or Generate more general color palettes using simple color harmonies like complementary or analogous: A table of 7 Color Harmonies

Color Spaces

Since this library uses chroma-js objects for color manipulations, we gain full advantage of advanced color spaces for manipulating colors to generate automatic color palettes.

For example, a Triadic color harmony with a Red/Green/Blue may look like this using the generic HSL workflow: A triadic Red/Green/Blue harmony

And like this using the CSS4 oklch color space: A triadic Red/Green/Blue harmony in oklch

If using in a data visualization context, choosing the oklch triad may be preferred, as can be clearly seen in the following comparison where the hsl trid (on the left) makes the blue bars stand out much more against the red and green. This is in contrast to the oklch triad (on the right), where no color is visually stronger than the other 2.

A triadic Red/Green/Blue harmony in hsl A triadic Red/Green/Blue harmony in oklch


First install the chroma-js peer-dependency:

npm install chroma-js
npm install chroma-harmony


import Harmony from 'chroma-harmony';

 * {chroma.InterpolationMode} mode:
 * {boolean} correctLightness:
const generator = new Harmony();

// Generate a chroma.Scale object using a complementary color palette
const complementary = generator.complementary(0x3182bd);

// Generate a 3 color equidistant triadic color palette
const triadic = generator.triadic(0xf03b20); // [chroma.Color, chroma.Color, chroma.Color]


To use in TypeScript, don't forget to install the chroma-js typings:

npm install @types/chroma-js

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