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Chiron Sung HK Webfont


This package contains the webfont version of Chiron Sung HK (昭源宋體).

Chiron Sung HK is a CJK typeface derived from the Source Han Serif / Noto Serif CJK font family. It aims to provide a modern, region-agnostic glyph set adopting the “written” style that is similar to the prevailing, usually commercial, typefaces such that it is suitable for use in a Traditional Chinese environment.

Chiron Sung HK is available in several configurations: OpenType/CFF (OTF), TrueType (TTF), OpenType/CFF2 (OTF) variable font, TrueType variable font, and the webfont version in WOFF File Format 2.0 (WOFF2) variable font format.

This package provides the webfont (WOFF2) build of the font. It utilizes Unicode-range subsetting technology to reduce download size and improve loading performance. Check out the project's Github repository for a complete README, and the font family's website for usage example (both in Chinese only).


To use this webfont, install the package first:

npm install chiron-sung-hk-webfont 

Then, include the css/vf.css file in your web page. For instance, if you use webpack, you would import the font's CSS file with the following statement:

@import '~chiron-sung-hk-webfont/css/vf.css';

Finally, set the font-family property to Chiron Sung HK WS:

body {
    font-family: "Chiron Sung HK WS", serif;

You can use the font-weight CSS property to set the desired boldness. The following table shows the default static font weights and their corresponding font-weight values. As a variable font, you may also specify any value between 250 and 900.

Font Weight CSS font-weight value
ExtraLight 250
Light 300
Normal 350
Regular 400
Medium 500
SemiBold 600
Bold 700
Heavy 900

In addition, you can tweak the glyph space accommodation in the em-box via the font's "PADG" axis. For instance:

p {
    font-variation-settings: "PADG" 6;

The valid range for this variable font axis is from 0 to 10. The value is 0 if unspecified.


Chiron Sung HK is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. The full text of the license is available at

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