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Chinese Webfont Generator

Webfont converter for Chinese characters in project


  • Only support ttf
  • Still working on it! Download at your own risk...


$ npm install --save chinese-webfont-generator


import ChineseWebFont, { SC } from 'chinese-webfont-generator'
new ChineseWebFont()
    src: 'src/locales',
    extension: ['json']
    src: 'fonts/big.ttf',
    fontFamily: 'small',
    dist: 'src/fonts/small'


new ChineseWebFont()

Creates a new ChineseWebFont instance.


flag: TC|SC

Convert text to Traditional or Simplified Chinese since many fonts can support either one.


file.src: source folder to be test file.extension: file extensions to be test

Set the source files of text. Please note that only Chinese characters will be extracted.


settings.src: source file, support: ttf, svg, otf settings.fontFamily: font family name settings.dist: build destination folder

Set the font to be converted.


string: additional text to be appended

Since only Chinese characters will be extracted, you may also want punctuation or any text which is not included in source files.


Convert the necessary text into webfont.


  • Support multiple files (like gulp globbing?)
  • Add flag for appending numbers and English letters

From 0.0.7 to 0.1.0

  • renamed dest to dist in from settings