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Chinachu UPnP Server

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UPnP Server for Chinachu Air.

forked from oeuillot/upnpserver.


Server constructor accepts an optional configuration object. At the moment, the following is supported:

  • log Boolean Enable/disable logging. Default: false.
  • logLevel String Specifies log level to print. Possible values: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL. Defaults to ERROR.
  • name String Name of server. Default 'Node Server'
  • uuid String UUID of server. (If not specified, a UUID v4 will be generated)
  • hostname String Hostname to bind the server. Default:
  • httpPort Number Http port. Default: 10293
  • dlnaSupport Boolean Enable/disable dlna support. Default: true
  • strict Boolean Use only official UPnP attributes. Default: false
  • lang String Specify the language (en, fr) for virtual folder names. Default: en
  • ssdpLog Boolean Enable log of ssdp layer. Default: false
  • ssdpLogLevel String Log level of ssdp layer.


For testing purposes used mocha framework. To run tests, you should do this:

make test