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Create child process for safe execution of dangerous(e.g. user-made) function.


To install the most recent release from npm, run:

npm install child-io


var io = require('child-io').IO([argv]);
io.exec(func | file, [options]);
  • argv (Array)
    process arguments used when child_process is .fork()ed.

  • func (Function|String) | file (String)
    executing original function.
    eval() or require() should be success to extract item.

  • options (Object)

    • limit :[Number] (Default = 300)
      max time to finish executing (millisecond).
      When exceeded the time, "timeout" event is emitted with Error 'Execution time is over'.

    • replace:[Object] (Default = {}) String replacement for using variable in executing function.

    • escape :[Function|Any] (Default = true) Escape the replaced string not to fail eval(). when truely value is given, the function below is used.

      function defaultEscaper(s) { return s.replace(/['"]/g, '\"').replace(/[\r\n]/g, '\n'); }

    • args :[Array] (Default = [])
      given arguments when the function is executed.
      the data send function "sender" will be put to.

  • Event

    • data
    • end
    • timeout
    • error

simple return

var io = require('child-io').IO();
io.on('data', function(ret){
  console.log('Result: ' + ret); // "Result: true"
}).on('end', function(msec){
  console.log('Killed child_process(sync). Execute time is: ' + msec + ' ms');
}).exec(function(){ return true; });

use asynchronous callback

var io = require('child-io').IO();
io.on('data', function(ret){
  console.log('Result: ' + ret); // "Result: false"
}).on('end', function(msec){
  console.log('Killed child_process(async). Execute time is: ' + msec + ' ms');
}).exec(function(sender){ process.nextTick(function(){ sender(false) }); });

see child-io_test.js for more deep use.


Use FakeChild class when v8debug is tied up.

Change Log

  • 2014/6/26

    • 0.3.3 release
    • option "escape" is included and the default is true
  • 2013/5/24

    • 0.3.1 release
    • add FakeChild class for --debug environment
  • 2013/4/16

    • 0.2.0 release
    • add option key 'args'
    • add "timeout" event
    • add wrap function for asynchronous use
    • add more explanation for each arguments,
    • add list of Event
  • 2013/4/15

    • 0.1.3 release
    • npm release