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A Chiasm component that loads delimiter separated value (DSV) data tables. This is a thin wrapper around the dsv-dataset module, which is a metadata specification and parsing library for data sets. Take a look at the unit test for example usage. When a "path" property is specified, the component appends ".csv" and ".json" to it and uses an XMLHttpRequest to fetch those two paths. The ".csv" fils should contain a data table, and the ".json" file should contain metadata about the table including column types.

Example use:

The following script will set up the component in a Chiasm application:

var chiasm = Chiasm();
chiasm.plugins.dsvDataset = ChiasmDsvDataset;
  dsv: {
    plugin: "dsvDataset",
    state: {
      path: ""

Here are a few sample lines from


Here is the content of

  "columns": [
    { "name": "sepal_length", "type": "number", "label": "Sepal Length" },
    { "name": "sepal_width",  "type": "number", "label": "Sepal Width" },
    { "name": "petal_length", "type": "number", "label": "Petal Length" },
    { "name": "petal_width",  "type": "number", "label": "Petal Width" },
    { "name": "class",        "type": "string", "label": "Species" }

The following code will print out the parsed table:

chiasm.getComponent("dsv").then(function (dsv){
  dsv.when("dataset", function (dataset){

The following JSON will be printed:

    "sepal_length": 5.1,
    "sepal_width": 3.5,
    "petal_length": 1.4,
    "petal_width": 0.2,
    "class": "setosa"
    "sepal_length": 6.2,
    "sepal_width": 2.9,
    "petal_length": 4.3,
    "petal_width": 1.3,
    "class": "versicolor"
    "sepal_length": 6.3,
    "sepal_width": 3.3,
    "petal_length": 6,
    "petal_width": 2.5,
    "class": "virginica"
  ... more rows of data ...

Notice how numeric columns have been parsed to numbers.

To see how this component can be used to fetch data for visualizations, check out this Magic Bar Chart example.