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    • simplified nodejs version of chiadog
    • watch dog for chia and all forks of chia
    • only read the log, never get any sensitive information

    quick start

    const { ChiaWatchDog } = require('chia-watch-dog');
    const cwd = new ChiaWatchDog('.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log');
    // cwd.sampleWithPercentate(5); // watch 100% log by default, but you can sample it to reduce resource cost
    // immediate events
    cwd.on('dog', (ev) => {
      console.log('dog', ev);
    // daily stats events
    cwd.on('dailydog', (ev) => {
      console.log('dailydog', ev);

    log file path format

    • homedir path: '.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log' - will use /home/username/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log
    • absolute path: '/home/sky/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log' - use the path directly

    Supported Notifications

    Subsystem Notification (example values) Priority
    Harvester Your harvester appears to be offline! No events for the past 400 seconds. HIGH
    Harvester Disconnected HDD? The total plot count decreased from 100 to 40. HIGH
    Harvester Experiencing networking issues? Harvester did not participate in any challenge for 120 seconds. It's now working again. NORMAL
    Harvester Seeking plots took too long: 21.42 seconds! NORMAL
    Full Node Experiencing networking issues? Skipped 42 signage points! NORMAL
    Full Node Block found!! LOW
    Wallet Cha-ching! Just received 2.0 XCH ☘️ LOW
    Daily Stats Hello farmer! 👋 Here's what happened in the last 24 hours:

    Received ☘️: 2.00 XCH️
    Proofs 🧾: 176 found!
    - 176 partials submitted 📑
    - 0 blocks found 📦
    Search 🔍:
    - average: 0.46s
    - over 5s: 2 occasions
    - over 15s: 1 occasions
    Plots 🌱: 42, new: 2
    Eligible plots 🥇: 0.08 average
    Skipped SPs ⚠️: 7 (0.01%)

    Trademark Notice

    CHIA NETWORK INC, CHIA™, the CHIA BLOCKCHAIN™, the CHIA PROTOCOL™, CHIALISP™ and the “leaf Logo” (including the leaf logo alone when it refers to or indicates Chia), are trademarks or registered trademarks of Chia Network, Inc., a Delaware corporation. There is no affliation between this chia-watch-dog project and the main Chia Network project.


    npm i chia-watch-dog

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