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Chi-square distribution calculator.


Calculates a Chi-square distribution over a sequence of bytes within a Buffer.

The result is a float representing the probability of how frequently a truly random sequence of bytes would exceed the calculated value.

Ideally this float should have a value of 0.5. If so, the given Buffer contained random data.

Read on Chi-square distribution for more details.

npm install chi-square

var chiSquare = require('chi-square'),
    crypto = require('crypto');
crypto.randomBytes(1024 * 1024, function(err, buffer) {
    if (err) throw err;
    console.log('The chi square distribution over the random data sequence was: %d', chiSquare.calculate(buffer));

The output was:

The chi square distribution over the random data sequence was: 0.16175185384825533

The library is licensed under MIT.