Build scripts for the chi modules


Custom build tool for the chi- packages.

This tool is custom-made for packages such as chi-create. It is not intended to be a general-purpose build utility.

Tests must be written in the test.js file in the working directory. The file will be automatically bundled by browserify.

Run automated tests with the chi-build test command. This runs the tests with sauce-tap-runner. It will run the tests in browsers listed in the browsers.json file in this repository. The tests will be run by browsers in Sauce Labs. The SAUCE_USER and SAUCE_KEY environment variables must be set to your Sauce username and key, respectively.

Serve tests locally with the chi-build serve command. This will bundle and serve the tests in the same way as the automated tests. The output of the tests will be displayed directly on the browser page. Use the --port option to determine the port that it will listen on (default 8000). Just refresh the page to re-bundle and re-run the tests.