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Plugin for chesstournament.js to import Swiss-Chess Tournament (SWT) files.

Usage with chesstournament.js

Currently this module provides only an import plugin. An export plugin is intended.

Import plugin

All you have to do is register this module as an import plugin in your chesstournament.js instance:

var Tournament = require('chesstournament');

Then Swiss-Chess Tournament files can be imported by simply call

Tournament.from('/path/to/your.SWT', function handleTournament(err, tnmt) {
  // do what you want

Programmatic Usage

It's also possible to use this module to simply convert information chunks given as an object which swtparser returned:

// convert a single Player
var convertPlayer = require('chesstournament-SWT-support/lib/import/player');
var playerJSON = {
	2000: 'Falco Nogatz',
	2008: '1990      '
var player = convertPlayer(playerJSON);
console.log(player instanceof Tournament.Player);

// convert multiple Players
var convertPlayers = require('chesstournament-SWT-support/lib/import/players');
var players = [playerJSON]; // result.players of swtparser result
var playersList = convertPlayers(players);
console.log(playersList instanceof Tournament.PlayersList);

// for more convert functions see files in lib/import


  • Create export function to SWT