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    Chessground in 2D and 3D

    Chessground is a free/libre open source chess UI developed for It targets modern browsers, as well as mobile development using Cordova.


    Chessground is distributed under the GPL-3.0 license (or any later version, at your option). When you use Chessground for your website, your combined work may be distributed only under the GPL. You must release your source code to the users of your website.

    Please read more about GPL for JavaScript on



    Chessground is designed to fulfill all web and mobile apps needs, so it is pretty featureful.

    • Well typed with TypeScript
    • Fast. Uses a custom DOM diff algorithm to reduce DOM writes to the absolute minimum.
    • Small footprint: 10K gzipped (31K unzipped). No dependencies.
    • SVG drawing of circles, arrows, and custom user shapes on the board
    • Arrows snap to valid moves. Freehand arrows can be drawn by dragging the mouse off the board and back while drawing an arrow.
    • Entirely configurable and reconfigurable at any time
    • Styling with CSS only: board and pieces can be changed by simply switching a class
    • Fluid layout: board can be resized at any time
    • Support for 3D pieces and boards
    • Full mobile support (touchstart, touchmove, touchend)
    • Move pieces by click
    • Move pieces by drag & drop
      • Minimum distance before drag
      • Centralisation of the piece under the cursor
      • Piece ghost element
      • Drop off revert or trash
    • Premove by click or drag
    • Drag new pieces onto the board (editor, Crazyhouse)
    • Animation of pieces: moving and fading away
    • Display last move, check, move destinations, and premove destinations (hover effects possible)
    • Import and export positions in FEN notation
    • User callbacks
    • No chess logic inside: can be used for chess variants


    npm install --save chessground


    const Chessground = require('chessground').Chessground;
    const config = {};
    const ground = Chessground(document.body, config);


    More? Please make a pull request to include it here.



    Install build dependencies:

    yarn install

    To build the node module:

    yarn run compile -- --watch

    To build the standalone:

    yarn run dist -- --watch


    npm i chessground-kopeclu2

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