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Goals and Status

This module will simplify the process of integrating CheddarGetter into your existing node.js apps.

As of version 0.1.4 the module implements the fallowing API calls:

  • getAllPricingPlans(callback)
  • getPricingPlan(planCode, callback)
  • getAllCustomers([searchParams], callback)
  • getCustomer(customerCode, callback)
  • createCustomer(customerData, callback)
  • editCustomerAndSubscription(customerData, callback) or updateCustomerAndSubscription(customerData, callback)
  • editCustomer(customerCode, customerData, callback) or updateCustomer(customerCode, customerData, callback)
  • editSubscription(customerCode, customerData, callback) or updateSubscription(customerCode, customerData, callback)
  • deleteCustomer(customerCode, callback)
  • cancelSubscription(customerCode, callback)
  • addItem(customerCode, itemCode, [amount], callback)
  • removeItem(customerCode, itemCode, [amount], callback)
  • setItemQuantity(customerCode, itemCode, amount, callback)
  • addCustomCharge(customerCode, chargeCode, quantity, amount, description, callback)
  • deleteCustomCharge(customerCode, chargeId, callback)

All callbacks are called with error and results parameters.

Not all API calls have been fully tested and many unit tests are still missing.


npm install cheddargetter


var CheddarGetter = require("CheddarGetter");
var cg = new CheddarGetter("", "TestPass", "ProdCode");
cg.getAllPricingPlans(function (err, results) {
    console.log(err, results);


node test