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Server Sent Events testing helper for tape


This is a simple test helper that is designed to work in conjunction with tape. It's designed to make testing server-sent event streams a little simpler and tests can be run in both a server environment (e.g. travis) and browser (e.g. testling).

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npm install checkevents --save-dev

Here is a usage example from checkevents own test suite:

var test = require('tape');
var checkEvents = require('checkevents');
var isServer = typeof window == 'undefined';
var testServer = isServer && require('./helpers/test-server');
testServer && test('start server', function(t) {
  testServer.start(function(err) {
    t.ifError(err, 'started');
test('string values', checkEvents('/strings', ['a', 'b', 'c']));
test('numeric values', checkEvents('/numbers', [1, 2, 3]));
test('object values', checkEvents('/objects', [ { a: 1 }, { b: 2 }]));
testServer && test('stop server', function(t) {
  t.ok(testServer.stop(), 'stopped');