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Validates your bower.json file



Validates your bower.json file

checkbower is a small Node.js module to help you verify wether a given bower.json file is valid, containing at the very least a name and a semver valid version number.

It also runs as a small command-line tool to help you verify your bower.json file in a day-to-day basis. Ideal to integrate in a pre-commit hook.

In order to use it as a command-line tool, install it using npm:

npm install -g checkbower

The command-line tool can be used to valid the bower.json file of the actual folder simply by running:


Or you can also specify a path of a bower.json file to validate:

checkbower ./path/to/bower.json

The core functionality for bower.json file validation can also be used programatically on any node.js app:

  var checkbower = require('checkbower');
  if (checkbower('path/to/bower.json')) {
    // You have a valid file 
  } else {
    // The file is not valid 

Released under the MIT license