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Check Server CLI

A CLI tool for checking out the servers availability. It is useful when are consuming an API or service which has different environments and you are not sure about its readiness.


  • You need to have Node.js v9+
  • You need a terminal to launch the service

How to use it

  1. Install the package

    $ npm i check-server-cli
  2. Provide a well-formed config.json

  3. Run the start command npx check-server-cli <OPTIONS>

Use it as global package

  1. Install the package

    $ npm i check-server-cli -g
  2. Provide a well-formed config.json

  3. Run the start command check-server-cli <OPTIONS>


The CLI expects a config file in json format, in order to provide the different server addresses, plus service information.

Field Explanation
timer Time in minutes. This is the period in which the tool will check every server provided
info.siteName Name of my company, to show in visual report
info.picture Company's logo url, to show in visual report
servers Array of different servers to be checked as objects Name to identify the server or environment
server.url The server url to be checked

You will find a config.example.json to start in an easier way.

Command options

Logger mode

You can run the CLI for getting statuses in a log file by the use of the --logger flag. The log file is located in logs folder by default.

$ check-server-cli --logger

Additionally, you might use --output path in order to define where will be saved the logs.

$ check-server-cli --logger --output ./my-logs-folder

Web logger mode

The CLI exposes an optional web interface with the --server flag in order to check the servers statuses in a more confortable way.
This is an additional feature which can be used together with the regular logger mode.

$ check-server-cli --server 


Log file

You will file report files divided by dates in logs folder.
These reports are plain text, just for getting a record of the status.

HTML report

The tools exposes a HTML report in which you can show the last status for each registered server.
This CLI uses serve tool for running the static server, opening connection at http://localhost:5000


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