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Gulp plugin to check your dependencies (through npm outdated)


Why ?

NPM and its outdated command are good tools to gather informations about the state of a project's dependencies. The problem with it is that it never fails. Even when there are outdated dependencies, the command exits with a 0 status.

Moreover, you cannot configure it to warn only if some criteria are satisifed, for example if you want to consider a dependency outdated only when there is a new minor or patch release.

This plugin adresses those two issues:

  • It fails when there is something outdated
  • It lets you configure when you want it to fail

It is really CI friendly !

How to use in CLI

Globally installed, simply run it

check-deps -p path/to/package.json

See help for configuration:

check-deps --help

When saved in a project:

  "scripts": {
    "check-deps": "check-deps -d -l 1"
  "devDependencies": {
    "gulp-check-deps": "*"


Option Type Default Description
npmPath string npm Path to the npm binary
npmArgs string[] [] Extra arguments passed to npm outdated (for example --registry)
failForDevDependencies boolean true Fail if any dev. dependency is outdated
failForGitDependencies boolean false Fail if there is any dependency required through git
failForPrerelease boolean true Fail if there is any dependency available as alpha, beta or rc
failLevel string minor Fail if at least a release of the given level exists (minor will fail if there is a new minor or patch release)
ignore string[] [] Do not make the task fail for the given dependencies

Here is how you would do to use a custom NPM registry and make the task fail if it finds any git dependency:

var checkDeps = require('check-deps');
var packageFilePath = 'package.json';
fs.readFile(packageFilePath, function(err, data) {
  var checkDepsConfig = {
      npmArgs: ['--registry', 'http://private-npm.local'],
      failForGitDependencies: true
  checkDeps(checkDepsConfig).write({ path: packageFilePath, contents: data });


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 PMSIpilot




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