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A UI component from Upstage.

Cheatsheet boilerplate. Created for the new website (planned for later this year!), based on "Shopify Cheat Sheet" by Mark Dunkley.

See the live demo

Getting Started

If you want to modify this component, you may directly edit the source files: .hbs (Handlebars) templates, .json data, and .less. Or if you prefer you can grab the compiled HTML and CSS from gh-pages branch.

To begin working with Cheat Sheet source files:

  • Run npm install to install the depencies listed in package.json
  • Run grunt to build the entire project
  • Run grunt assemble to build the templates
  • Run grunt less to compile LESS files to CSS
  • Run grunt watch to watch source files for changes and re-build continuously

Templates for the cheatsheet are found here: src/templates/**/*.hbs.

Styles for the cheatsheet are found here: src/styles/cheatsheet.less.

Data for the cheatsheet is found here: src/data/cheatsheet.json.


Contributions welcome, and to make feature requests or report bugs, visit the Issues.

To request a new component, please visit the Upstage Issues page on GitHub.

Grunt.js + Assemble

Upstage uses Assemble, a Grunt.js plugin that makes it dead simple to build components with HTML, client-side templates, externalized data (JSON/YAML), and LESS.

Bootstrap Drop-in

As with most Upstage components, cheatsheet is designed as a drop-in for Bootstrap, but it can also be used on it's own.



MIT Licensed