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    Chart.js Hierarchical Scale Plugin

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    Chart.js module for adding a new categorical scale which mimics a hierarchical tree.


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    npm install --save chart.js chartjs-plugin-hierarchical


    see Samples on Github

    or at this Open in CodePen


    a new scale type hierarchical.


    The hierarchical axis scale has the following styling options

    interface IHierarchicalScaleOptions {
       * ratio by which the distance between two elements shrinks the higher the level of the tree is. i.e. two two level bars have a distance of 1. two nested one just 0.75
       * @default 0.75
      levelPercentage: number;
       * padding of the first collapse to the start of the x-axis
       * @default 25
      padding: number;
       * position of the hierarchy label in expanded levels, null to disable
       * @default 'below'
      hierarchyLabelPosition: 'below' | 'above' | null;
       * position of the hierarchy group label relative to the its children
       * @default between-first-and-second
      hierarchyGroupLabelPosition: 'center' | 'first' | 'last' | 'between-first-and-second';
       * whether interactive buttons should be shown or whether it should be static
       * @default false
      static: boolean;
       * object of attributes that should be managed and extracted from the tree
       * data structures such as `backgroundColor` for coloring individual bars
       * the object contains the key and default value
       * @default {}
      attributes: { [attribute: string]: any };

    Data structure

    interface ILabelNode {
       * label
      label: string;
       * defines whether this node is collapsed (false) or expanded (true) or focussed ('focus')
       * @default false
      expand?: boolean | 'focus';
       * list of children
      children?: ISubLabelNode[];
     * a label entry can be a single string or a complex ILabelNode
    declare type ISubLabelNode = ILabelNode | string;
    interface IValueNode<T> {
       * the actual value of this node
      value: T;
       * list of children
      children?: ISubValueNode<T>[];
     * a value entry can be a single value or a complex IValueNode
    declare type ISubValueNode<T> = IValueNode<T> | T;

    ESM and Tree Shaking

    The ESM build of the library supports tree shaking thus having no side effects. As a consequence the chart.js library won't be automatically manipulated nor new controllers automatically registered. One has to manually import and register them.

    import { Chart } from 'chart.js';
    import { HierarchicalScale } from 'chartjs-plugin-hierarchical';
    // register scale in chart.js and ensure the defaults are set

    Development Environment

    npm i -g yarn
    yarn install
    yarn sdks vscode

    Common commands

    yarn compile
    yarn test
    yarn lint
    yarn fix
    yarn build
    yarn docs

    developed by datavisyn.


    npm i chartjs-plugin-hierarchical

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