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    Chartjs - Component template for Magnolia CMS

    Add a chart to your website. Simple integration of the library.


    Choose a chart type from: bar, line, radar and polarArea.

    Provide the data in the dialog in chartjs JSON format.

    Rendered Output

    Component Dialog

    This component supports only a small subset of chartjs features.


    For a ready-to-use light module, grab the package from npm. For the source files, refer to the github repo.

    Make the component available to authors, and include the files in webresources on your pages using standard magnolia techniques. (To make this component available on the mtk basic page, you could use the decoration included in _dev/decorations.)

    Building the Github source files

    • npm install to retrieve the dependencies.
    • npm run build to build the webresources. The files in webresources must be included on the page.


    To see an sample page demonstrating this component, open the Pages app in Magnolia AdminCentral and import the file in _dev/demos. (Must be imported directly at the root for the js to be loaded.)

    Information on Magnolia CMS

    This directory is a 'light module'.

    Search the docs for sharing light modules for details on how to share and use light modules on npm and github.

    Contribute to the Magnolia component ecosystem

    It's easy to create components for Magnolia and share them on github and npm. I invite you to do so and join the community. Let's stop wasting time by developing the same thing again and again, rather let's help each other out by sharing our work and create a rich library of components.

    Just add magnolia-light-module as keywords to the package.json to make them easy to find and use.





    Christopher Zimmermann, @topherzee


    npm i chartjs-magnolia

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