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Charette JS

This package will turn OFF the hardship to maintain a single workflow architecture !

How to use it

Install the package :

npm i -S charettejs

Once the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:

// Initialize Charette Typescript

You can easily override configuration for charette :

grunt.config('myTask', {
  target: 'config'
// or merge
grunt config.merge({
  task: {
    target: 'config'

Then you'll be able to override grunt config for any tasks.

You can find an example in sample folder.


The idea of this project is to grab all default stuff that you need into your sub-projects.

  • Grunt tasks
  • Configuration files
  • NPM Dependencies
  • Bower Dependencies
  • Helpers that you need + testing
  • All usefull stuff used by sub-project

Okay, so why don't use generator ! They do the job ?! No they don't.


A generator (like Yeoman) is a tool that helps you to bootstrap new project. It'll provide all best practices and handsome shortcuts to automate repetitive stuff.

But if you work in a microservice approach, generator will populate the architecture for the sub-project once. If you wanna update a version for all your projects, you must apply the update on each one..

How develop

  • Get the repository
  • Link charettejs package locally
cd charettejs
npm link
  • Go into ./sample folder
cd sample
npm i
  • You'll be able to run any grunt task using the charettejs stuff

How update bower component

bower i -S my-component # Install my-component in `bower.json`
bower-installer -p -r   # Copy `main` files into `bower.json`

bower-installer has to be install through npm

npm i -g bower-installer

It will update your bower.json with new bower dependencies AND which files keep into vendorsfolder.

How update TypeScript definitions

tsd install my-component --save

tsd must be install through npm as global package

npm i -g tsd

It will grab typescript definitions from DefinitelyTyped and put definitions to typings folder.


CharetteJS options

grunt.config('charette', {
  name: 'CharetteJS',  // The lib name
  distName: 'myoutput' // The dist/myoutput.js file

CharetteJS grunt tasks



grunt asciify A nerd without an asscii art is not really a nerd ! Here we are ... Just display the project name in the console. Github grunt-asciify

grunt bump NPM is great! So work with it means publish semver package. Let use this grunt-bump Github grunt-bump

grunt clean and grunt cleanWorkspace The project will build ts output in the ./dist folder We need to ensure that this folder exists and is empty Github grunt-contrib-clean

gh-pages Github allows us to push on gh-pages branch and get a static host for free ! Let's use it :D Github gh-pages

grunt html2js Ok, write HTML in a JS file is ... beurk ! html2js will grab all *.tpl.html files in your /src/ folder and package them in an AngularJS Module ! Github grunt-html2js




safe Often you have to check by hand if some debug values are still in source files. Now feel nervous when you deploy, keep it easy !