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Put a little spinner on process.stderr, as unobtrusively as possible.


var spinner = require("char-spinner")
// All options are optional 
// even the options argument itself is optional 


Usually the defaults are what you want. Mostly they're just configurable for testing purposes.

  • stream Output stream. Default=process.stderr
  • tty Only show spinner if output stream has a truish .isTTY. Default=true
  • string String of chars to spin. Default='/-\\|'
  • interval Number of ms between frames, bigger = slower. Default=50
  • cleanup Print '\r \r' to stream on process exit. Default=true
  • unref Unreference the spinner interval so that the process can exit normally. Default=true
  • delay Number of frames to "skip over" before printing the spinner. Useful if you want to avoid showing the spinner for very fast actions. Default=2

Returns the generated interval, if one was created.