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    Given a bible reference, validates it and returns an object with book, chapter, verse and more


    Throw a bible reference at chapter-and-verse and, if valid, it returns a detailed JSON object for that reference.

    If invalid, it returns a JSON object with the reason for failure.

    chapter-and-verse understands all common bible book abbreviations and has its own built-in book identification algorithm.

    It is useful when building biblical reference based URLs, for integrating with bible APIs and for validating raw user input.

    chapter-and-verse is written by a professional developer, has 100% unit test coverage and is ready for production use.

    All our biblical data has been triple checked to ensure reliability.

    chapter-and-verse works in Node code and browsers.

    Supported reference formats

    chapter-and-verse supports all the following reference formats:

    format example notes
    book Genesis
    book chapter Genesis 5 multi chapter books
    book verse Obadiah 3 single chapter books
    book verses Obadiah 3-5 single chapter books only
    book chapter:verse Genesis 5:1
    book chapter:verses Genesis 5:1-4


    npm install --save chapter-and-verse


    const chapterAndVerse = require('chapter-and-verse')
    let cv = chapterAndVerse('Dan 4:1-3')

    And cv now looks like:

      "book": {
        "id": "Dan",
        "name": "Daniel",
        "testament": "O",
        "start": "dan",
        "abbr": ["da", "dn"],
        "chapters": 12,
        "versesPerChapter": [21, 49, 30, 37, 31, 28, 28, 27, 27, 21, 45, 13]
      "success": true,
      "reason": "matches",
      "chapter": 4,
      "from": 1,
      "to": 3

    To validate a reference:

    const chapterAndVerse = require('chapter-and-verse')
    const ref = 'Dan 4:1-3'
    let cv = chapterAndVerse(ref)
    if (cv.success === true) {
      console.log(ref + ' is valid')
    if (cv.success === false) {
      console.log(ref + ' is invalid because ' + cv.reason)

    For more information see the Validation section.

    Browser usage

    npm install --save chapter-and-verse

    Add a script tag in head:

    <script src="node_modules/chapter-and-verse/chapterAndVerse.js"></script>

    Then use as follows:

      const cv = chapterAndVerse('Gn')
      console.log( // Genesis

    You can validate a reference as described in the Usage section.


    For a valid reference a number of methods are available.

    Use cv.toString() and cv.toShortString() as follows:

    cv = chapterAndVerse('Dan 4:1-3')
    cv.toString() // returns 'Daniel 4:1-3'
    cv.toShortString() // returns 'Daniel 4:1-3' .. no difference because Daniel is a multi chapter book
    cv = chapterAndVerse('ob 1-3')
    cv.toString() // returns 'Obadiah 1:1-3'
    cv.toShortString() // returns 'Obadiah 1-3' .. difference because Obadiah is a single chapter book

    cv.getType() returns one of 'book', 'chapter', 'verses' or 'verse'

    Finally cv.toSimpleObject() provides access to a flat object containing only essential data:

    cv = chapterAndVerse('exo 33:7-12')

    Which returns:

      "type": "verses",
      "asString": "Exodus 33:7-12",
      "asShortString": "Exodus 33:7-12",
      "bookId": "Exod",
      "bookName": "Exodus",
      "testament": "O",
      "chapter": 33,
      "from": 7,
      "to": 12


    chapter-and-verse returns a failure object if it cannot resolve the biblical reference:

      "book": {},
      "success": false,
      "reason": "book does not exist"

    This happens when the:

    chapter-and-verse does NOT recognise apocryphal books.

    Accuracy of biblical data

    All our chapter and verse data has been "triple checked" as follows:

    (1) The data was entered manually and manually checked.

    (2) We then ran code against our data, ensuring verse and chapter totals were correct.

    (3) Finally, we programmatically tested our data against other online sources to ensure "total agreement".

    Translation specifics

    Certain verses only exist in certain translations.

    • 3 John 15

    chapter-and-verse reports 3 John 15 as valid. However, this verse does not exist in the KJV wherein it has been merged with 3 John 14.

    This is the only chapter-and-verse discrepancy with the KJV.

    Compare 3 John 14-15 ESV with 3 John 14 KJV

    • Omitted verses

    In modern English translations, certain New Testament verses, which exist in the KJV, have been omitted.

    For example Matthew 17:21 ESV does not exist whereas Matthew 17:21 KJV does exist.

    chapter-and-verse treats all omitted verses as valid and is not concerned with translation specifics.

    For an in-depth discussion see omitted verses

    Author says

    The Lord bless you and keep you;

    the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

    the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

    Numbers 6:24-26 ESV


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