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Markdown conversion made simple

What is chapeau?

chapeau is a Markdown to PDF conversion command-line tool, written in Node. The project is aiming to be a simple and customizable in terms of styling.

There are literally tons of Markdown to PDF tools out there, and i love some of them. But none seemed to fit me personally so i decided to make my own.

Using chapeau is really simple, it's just a tidy command-line tool. You can use your favorite editor, and more importantly use it offline, and easily convert multiple files at once.

I personally use chapeau everyday, and I hope you love it too. ✒️


Using npm:

npm install -g chapeau


To use chapeau, simply run the chapeau command.


Or for converting multiple files you can for instance use the good ol' Unix-wildcard selector

chapeau *

chapeau will convert the markdown files (only supports .md extension at this time), to PDFs in the same directory with the same name, i.e becomes README.pdf.

For the further details of the chapeau command, please enter chapeau -h or chapeau --help.


I welcome every contribution on chapeau. You may start from forking and cloning this repo.

git clone

Or just help out by creating issues.



Chapeau is released under the MIT License.