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Admin Revamp

The new Admin site built on


$ npm install
$ npm install -g bower
$ bower install
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
$ grunt server

Modifying the layout file

In app/templates is a file named __layout.default.hbs. During compilation and/or when you start the server, this file is copied to __layout.hbs. If you want to modify anything in the layout file, be sure to do it to __layout.default.hbs.

__layout.hbs is ignored by git.

But don't modify the path of the assets /mergedAssets.js and /styles.css. If you need to modify these or add new assets, that is done in Gruntfile.js.


  • The default topbar is the public version of the Edmodo topbar
  • We'll have other topbars for other types of accounts

create assets directory with a template index.less file that imports all the other less files in the node_modules/chameleon/assets directory

It should have all the /auth assets by default && it needs to ask during the chameleon-util creation process if you want auth or not.

By default we should not be requiring the user to authenticate for a chameleon application


We use the Mozilla client-sessions cookie module (sets and encrypts sessions on the client).

We also use Express' session management so traditional testing functionality continues to work.