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Chai QUnit Build Status

Chai-QUnit is a layer on top of QUnit using the chai assertion library.


bower install --save-dev chai-qunit


npm install --save-dev chai-qunit

Then include it using a script tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/bower_components/chai-qunit/dist/chai-qunit.js">

or use your favorite module system (AMD, CJS, ES6):

var chaiQUnit = require('chai-qunit');


Chai tends to have better error messages if you don't provide one yourself, and has a bunch of other useful helpers(like include, match, etc.) and a robust plugin system for creating your own.


See the Chai Docs for more usage information, but this implementation currently uses the assert syntax exposed as globals (expect and should are planned to be supported soon). For example, with chai standalone, you would say assert.matches("hello", /hello/i). In chai-qunit, you would say matches("hello", /hello/i).

Test Example

module("My Module");
test("title matches something", function(){
  var title = "A Book about Nothing";
  matches(title, /book/i);


MIT. See the LICENSE file included with this repository.