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CGKB npm version CircleCI

Contextual Graph Knowledge Base, basically a graph brain for my bot, based off this crap This is still a work in progress.


# install this npm package 
npm i --save cgkb
# run 

This runs the background system dependency setups. You may need sudo. The full script can be inspected at bin/setup

# If you prefer to run setup manually 
# install spacy in python3 
python -m pip install -U socketIO-client
python -m pip install -U spacy
python -m
# Download and install neo4j 
# Start the neo4j server 

Then populate your db credentials in config/db.json.


Still a work in progress. But check out the CGKB branch of aiva to see how it's being used in a bot.

Log on to the Neo4j interface to see the graph.

See the graph in Neo4j

Inspect a node for more parsed NLP info.

Inspect a node for more NLP parsing info