node package manager


programmatically use cfx with node.js


Programatically use cfx in node

currently supported methods, all return child process

  • docs
  • init
  • run
  • test
  • testall
  • xpi

Below is a list of options and their CLI equivalent

  • binary: '--binary',
  • extras: '--extra-packages',
  • config: '--use-config',
  • profile: '--profiledir',
  • pkgdir: '--pkgdir',
  • static: '--static-args',
  • app: '--app',
  • filter: '--filter',
  • repeat: '--times',
  • updateUr': '--update-url',
  • updateLink: '--update-link'

And there are special properties, env and dir, which the child process uses to execute

Examples are in the examples/ dir, also check out the tests

python, firefox

Docs, better tests, currently requires FF installation to run, should use xvfb for headless tests

MIT License