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    This module is the Custom Resource manager for Global DynamoDB version 2019 and it is extracted from this GitHub repository.

    More specifically, this file has been extracted from the template repository and made available here as a standalone package. The reason that the repo isn't using this module is because sam build makes it impossible to test NPM modules locally, which means that I'd have to publish every change until I finally get it right. Therefore, I update this NPM package with the contents of that file when I update it.


    You may refer to this app.js file in the templates repo, although you'd need to change out the require to refer to this NPM package. You'll also want to check out template.yml to know what parameters need to be passed and also the permissions.

    The whole template is quite complicated, so you'll probably want to clone that repository and play around with it a bit. Please refer to the file over there for more details.

    # Go to the directory of your Custom Resource that will be responding to Global DynamoDB Table requests
    npm install cfn-global-dynamodb-custom-resource-manager
    'use strict';
    const GlobalDynamodbManager = require('cfn-global-dynamodb-custom-resource-manager');
    exports.handler = async (event, context) => {
        let manager = new GlobalDynamodbManager();
        await manager.processEvent(event, context);


    npm i cfn-global-dynamodb-custom-resource-manager

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