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    AWS CloudFormation does not support AWS API Gateway. This is a Lambda-backed custom resource to add the AWS API Gateway's Deployment to CloudFormation.

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    This Lambda makes use of the Lambda-Backed CloudFormation Custom Resource flow module, cfn-lambda (GitHub / NPM).


    See ./example.template.json for a sample CloudFormation template. The example uses Condition statements, Parameters, and dynamic ServiceToken generation fully.

    "DeploymentLogicalIdInResourcesObject": {
      "Type": "Type": "Custom::ApiGatewayDeployment",
      "Properties": {
        "ServiceToken": "arn:aws:lambda:<cfn-region-id>:<your-account-id>:function:<this-deployed-lambda-name>",
        "RestApiId": "abcdefghij", // REQUIRED 10 char alphanum for RestApi id,
        "StageName": "Foo Stage", // REQUIRED name of API stage to deploy into
        "StageDescription": "blah blah", // OPTIONAL stage description
        "Description": "some text", // OPTIONAL description of deployment (release note)
        "CacheClustedEnabled": true, // OPTIONAL bool defaults false. Toggles api caching.
        "CacheClusterSize": "0.5|1.6|6.1|13.5|28.4|58.2|118|237", // OPTIONAL GB of cache.
        "Variables": {                // OPTIONAL key-value hash of stage vars,
          "FOO_ENV_VAR": "bar value"  //   where keys are varnames and
          "so_many_var": "another 1"  //   values are their values.

    Updating BaseApiId will require and trigger CloudFormation Resource Replacement

    Deleting this resource may not do what you expect! The Deployment will NOT DELETE if it is still assigned to a Stage, including the Stage it originally created. Updates will work as expected. This limitation is due to a design flaw in AWS API Gateway that does not allow a Stage to be created without a deployment behind it - there is no way to atomically create a headless Stage and detach the Deployment, thus we cannot simply delete a Deployment currently associated with a Stage.

    Example Template Prerequisites

    Though this resource works by itself, the example template in this repository also makes use of other resources in this custom family. You need to install these in your cloud to use the sample template.

    1. Custom::ApiGatewayRestApi (GitHub / NPM)
    2. Custom::ApiGatewayMethod (GitHub / NPM)
    3. Custom::ApiGatewayMethodResponse (GitHub / NPM)
    4. Custom::ApiGatewayIntegration (GitHub / NPM)
    5. Custom::ApiGatewayIntegrationResponse (GitHub / NPM)

    Installation of the Resource Service Lambda

    Using the Provided Instant Install Script

    The way that takes 10 seconds...

    # Have aws CLI installed + permissions for IAM and Lamdba
    $ npm run cfn-lambda-deploy

    You will have this resource installed in every supported Region globally!

    Using the AWS Console

    ... And the way more difficult way.

    IMPORTANT: With this method, you must install this custom service Lambda in each AWS Region in which you want CloudFormation to be able to access the ApiGatewayDeployment custom resource!

    1. Go to the AWS Lambda Console Create Function view:
    1. Zip this repository into /tmp/

      $ cd $REPO_ROOT && zip -r /tmp/;

    2. Enter a name in the Name blank. I suggest: CfnLambdaResouce-ApiGatewayDeployment

    3. Enter a Description (optional).

    4. Toggle Code Entry Type to "Upload a .ZIP file"

    5. Click "Upload", navigate to and select /tmp/

    6. Set the Timeout under Advanced Settings to 10 sec

    7. Click the Role dropdown then click "Basic Execution Role". This will pop out a new window.

    8. Select IAM Role, then select option "Create a new IAM Role"

    9. Name the role lambda_cfn_api_gateway_deployment (or something descriptive)

    10. Click "View Policy Document", click "Edit" on the right, then hit "OK"

    11. Copy and paste the ./execution-policy.json document.

    12. Hit "Allow". The window will close. Go back to the first window if you are not already there.

    13. Click "Create Function". Finally, done! Now go to Usage or see the example template. Next time, stick to the instant deploy script.


    Collaboration & Requests

    Submit pull requests or Tweet @ayetempleton if you want to get involved with roadmap as well, or if you want to do this for a living :)



    Want More CloudFormation or API Gateway?

    Work is (extremely) active, published here:
    Andrew's NPM Account


    npm i cfn-api-gateway-deployment

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