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⚠️ This project has been deprecated ⚠️

Build Status

Common Grunt task configurations for Capital Framework components. Capital Framework is a front end framework developed at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The current version number can be found in package.json and follows Semantic Versioning 2.0. Release notes are recorded in the CHANGELOG.

If you're new to Capital Framework, we encourage you to start here.

How to use these tasks

  1. Install this package and save it as a component dependency, either by running npm install --save-dev git://, or by manually adding it to package.json and then running npm install.

      "cf-grunt-config": "git://",
  2. Reorganize your component's Gruntfile. Use the cf-buttons Gruntfile for guidance.

  3. Access the tasks as you normally would, either individually or by creating compound tasks in the component's Gruntfile.

Getting involved

We welcome your feedback and contributions. Run npm test prior to submitting a pull request to check for regressions.

Open source licensing info

  1. TERMS
  3. CFPB Source Code Policy

Credits and references

Thanks to Thomas Boyt for the inspiration!