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Node.js implementation of the ColdFusion encrypt() and decrypt() functions. This will allow you to encrypt and decrypt strings using the CFMX_COMPAT algorithm.

This module applies the same encoding and decoding behaviours as ColdFusion.

  • Base64: the Base64 algorithm, as specified by IETF RFC 2045.
  • Hex: the characters A-F0-9 represent the hexadecimal byte values.
  • UU: the UUEncode algorithm (DEFAULT).

Translated from here.


npm install -g cf-encrypt


The following examples show you how to use cf-encrypt.

var encrypt = require('cf-encrypt');
// encrypt something 
var encrypted = encrypt.encrypt('hello cf', 'secretkey', 'uu');
// '(48YW\1+-6*H \n' 
// decrypt something 
var decrypted = encrypt.decrypt('518E77F112CD55A3FD5C', 'secretkey', 'hex');
// 'hello node' 
var decrypted = encrypt.decrypt('de2j+4tUt4KYV1pTBY+5x6K0X1YTzoOMdxSMmbXP', '9)qkg4[0yK*wC58D46:!rYc=h>9<)Q', 'base64');
// something a bit more realistic 

Running Tests

$ npm test

Breaking Changes

Prior to 1.0.0 the encrypt() and decrypt() signatures were key, text. They have since been updated to text, key to match ColdFusion.