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Crud Express Web Server

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Simple wrapper for NodeJS Express that has a bunch of dependencies, ready for use.

What it includes:

  • Express, with gzip compression and session enabled.
  • Class.js that supports classical inheritance.
  • log4js for logging.
  • A Dispatcher that handles communication between the WebServer and a 3rd-party RESTful service.
  • ejs as templating.
  • underscore as utilities.
  • passport for talking to 3rd party APIs.

Getting started

Check out server.js for sample and configurations.

You can get started with importing the library:

var server = require('cews');

To initialize the server:

var app = new server.WebServer();

Configurations are passed in the constructor:

var configs = {
	port: 3001, // Port to start
	cookieSecret: 'dummy-secret', // Secret token to encrypt cookie,
	resourceFolder: 'public', // Should be absolute path to public static resource folder, like css and UI js stuff
	log4js: {}, // Log4js configurations, checkout log4js doc for more details
	csrf: false, // Enable/Disable csrf
	cors: {
		domains: '*'	// Allow CORS
var app = new server.WebServer(configs);