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contains all the common libraries that may be used across different repository

All the code in this repository is copyrighted by (Dwi Cermat Pte Ltd)

Worksheet Reader example

var xlsx = require('xlsx');
var workbook = xlsx.readFile('./filename.xlsx');
var WorksheetReader = require('cermati-utils/WorksheetReader');

var SheetNames = {
    Sheet1: 'Sheet1'

var reader = new WorksheetReader(workbook.Sheets[SheetNames.Sheet1], {
        name: 'F'

var companyNames = reader.getAll();

Logger example

var logger = require('cermati-utils/logger')(__filename);

Slack example

var Slack = require('cermati-utils/slack');
var slack = new Slack({
  webhookUrl: '',
  channel: 'insurance_payment',
  username: 'Test',
  emoji: ':moneybag:'

// this one return Promise
slack.send('Your message here');

Set ENV variables

var logger = require('cermati-utils/setEnv');

This script will set the ENV variables from the .env file in the current directory.

Use DOTENV_PATH parameter to use .env file from other directory.


$ DOTENV_PATH=./tests/.env node index.js