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    athena-client - a simple aws athena client for nodejs and typescript

    This is version 2.x document. 1.x document is here

    Install with:

    npm install athena-client

    Usage Example

    Create Client

    var clientConfig = {
        bucketUri: 's3://xxxx'
    var awsConfig = {
        region: 'xxxx', 
    var athena = require("athena-client")
    var client = athena.createClient(clientConfig, awsConfig)

    Receive result by Callback

    client.execute('SELECT 1', function(err, data) {
        if (err) {
            return console.error(err)

    Receive result by Promise

    client.execute('SELECT 1').toPromise()
    .then(function(data) {
    .catch(function(err) {

    Receive result by Stream

    var stream = client.execute('SELECT 1').toStream()
    stream.on('data', function(record) {
    stream.on('query_end', function(queryExecution) {
    stream.on('end', function() {
    stream.on('error', function(e) {


    athena = require("athena-client")

    This module exposes the createClient and setConcurrentExecMax method, which execute query to AWS Athena.

    client = athena.createClient([clientConfig], [awsConfig])

    Returns a client instance attached to the account specified by the given clientConfig and awsConfig.


    Set the number of cuncurrent execution of query max. It should be set smaller than AWS Service limit (default is 5).

    clientConfig object properties

    Property Default Description
    bucketUri Required URI of S3 bucket for saving a query results file (.csv) and a metadata file (.csv.metadata)
    pollingInterval 1000 Optional. Interval of polling sql results (ms)
    queryTimeout 0 Optional. Timeout of query execution. 0 is no timeout
    database 'default' Optional. The name of the database within which the query executes
    baseRetryWait 200 Optional. Used to calculate retry timeout for a particular query execution request
    retryWaitMax 10000 Optional. Maximum retry timeout for starting a new query execution
    retryCountMax 10 Optional. Maximum number of retry attempts for a particular query execution request
    execRightCheckInterval 100 Optional. Timeout when number of maximum concurrent requests is exceeded
    encryptionOption undefined Optional. Indicates the S3 encryption option used to encrypt the query results. Possible values include: SSE_S3, SSE_KMS, or CSE_KMS
    encryptionKmsKey undefined Optional but required if encryptionOption is set to SSE_KMS or CSE_KMS. Value is the KMS key ARN or ID
    skipFetchResult false Optional. If true, do not return the result of the query when the athena query is finished. This option is used for CTAS
    concurrentExecMax 5 DEPRECATED. Use athena.setConcurrentExecMax() instead
    workGroup 'primary' Optional. The name of the workgroup within which the query executes

    awsConfig object properties

    Property Default Description
    region Required Your Athena and S3 region
    accessKeyId undefined Optional. Your IAM accessKeyId
    secretAccessKey undefined Optional. Your IAM secretAccessKey

    client.execute([query], [callback])

    It will return the following result. If you want to know more about params of queryExecution, please refer to the aws-sdk document

        "records": [
            {"_col0:": "1"}
        "queryExecution": {
            "Query": "SELECT 1", 
            "QueryExecutionId": "55571bb9-8e4e-4274-90b7-8cffe4539c3c", 
            "ResultConfiguration": {
                "OutputLocation": "s3://bucket/55571bb9-8e4e-4274-90b7-8cffe4539c3c"
            "Statistics": {
                "DataScannedInBytes": 0, 
                "EngineExecutionTimeInMillis": 137
            "Status": {
                "CompletionDateTime": "2017-12-31T16:03:53.493Z", 
                "State": "SUCCEEDED", 
                "SubmissionDateTime": "2017-12-31T16:03:53.209Z"


    Returns a Promise that resolves the result of your query.


    Returns a Stream to buffer the results of your query. This method is recommended for large result sets.

    // Get record one by one
    stream.on('data', function(record) {
      console.log(record) // {"col1": "val1", "col2": "val2"}
    // When query succeed, this event will emit.
    stream.on('query_end', function(queryExecution) {
      console.log(queryExecution) // {"QueryExecutionId": "", ...}
    stream.on('end', function() {
    stream.on('error', function(e) {


    npm i ceq-athena-client

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