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This bundler allows you to write modern TypeScript code and bundle it into a CEP extension. It uses LiveReactload to get near instant updates whenever you make changes to a file. It takes a configuration file as input (it looks for it in the folder where you are running the command from).

The easiest way to use this package is to use the cep-starter package, which already depends on the cep-bundler and has a default configuration.

However, you can also use this package standalone, for that, follow the instructions below:


  • macOS
  • node.js


npm install --save cep-bundler


  • Copy the cep-config.js file from the cep-starter package into you project folder.
  • Modify desired options

Run the bundler:


Or, add to your package.json's scripts section:

  "build": "cep-bundler"


git clone
cd cep-bundler
npm install
npm start