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Central Index, the world's local data exchange


The centralindex Node.js module is an NPM module that allows Node.js developers to start using the Central Index API with minimal code. The Central Index is a global data exchange, with a simple REST/JSON api.

You'll need to install the centralindex module using

  npm install centralindex

Then your first script could look something like:

  // load the centralindex npm module
  var ci = require('centralindex');
  // configure your api key
  ci.setAPIKey('<insert api key here>');
  // pull a known entity by its unique entity_id
  ci.getEntity('379236608286720', function(error,body) {
    if(!err) {
    } else {
      console.log("Something went wrong");

You'll find further examples in the "examples" subdirectory.

  • getEntity = function(entity_id, callback)
  • getEntitySearchWhatBylocation = function(what, where, per_page, page, country, language, callback)
  • getEntitySearchWhat = function(what, per_page, page, country, language, callback)
  • getEntitySearchWhoBylocation = function(who, where, per_page, page, country, callback)
  • getEntitySearchWho = function(who, per_page, page, country, callback)
  • getEntityAdvertisers = function(tag, where, limit, country, language, callback)
  • getEntityAdd = function(language, callback)
  • getEntityReport = function(entity_id, gen_id, language, callback)
  • getAutocompleteCategory = function(str, language, callback)
  • getAutocompleteLocation = function(str, country, callback)
  • getToolsDocs = function(object, format, callback)

See the API Docs for more information.