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    CensusJs is a solution to modern word-counting issues. In this initial release, it can count words in plain text, in further releases, it would extract text from a file and then process it. You should use CensusJs if you’re working with documents that will be further served to editors, proofreaders, translators or other language experts to work on. CensusJs isn’t dependent on any external word counters and has its own unique algorithm.

    WordCounting Engines

    • CensusJs Pro [0]
    • Authours [1]
    • Academics [2]
    • Strictly Words [3]
    • Strictly Spaces [4]


    npm install census-js-pro


    const { countWordsFromText } = require('census-js-pro');


    Engine Numbers: CensusJs Pro [0], Authours [1], Academics [2], Strictly Words [3], Strictly Spaces [4]

    const wordCount = countWordsFromText(yourText, engineNumber);

    About CensusJs

    Organizations that edit, proofread and/or translate documents mostly charge the customer w.r.t the document’s word count. These organizations either have their own strategy to calculate words or depend on some external APIs that would do that for them. But the person who actually works on the document doesn’t always agree with this because as a language professional, they know that the calculated wordcount is incorrect. This led to major debates on what to consider as an 'accurate' wordcount and the one who claims to know how to calculate it, look over the character patterns that slip through their RegEx and the fact that depending on the version of a word, the word count inside the word itself might not be accurate.

    We hired a group of fifteen reporters to interview Language Professionals and Consultants from their corresponding fields and asked them about their views over the usual arbitrary word counters. They even interviewed some Software Engineers and Full Stack Developers cause most of the regular word counters fail when fed with source codes. This gave us plenty of data to create a publicly accepted algorithm and now we support over twenty extensions to calculate word count.

    Disclaimer: We strive to make our tools as accurate as possible considering reviews from top language professionals and consultants in their corresponding field but we cannot guarantee it will always meet an individual or a group's requirement.


    npm i census-js-pro

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