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This quickstart is under active development and hasn't yet reached its final form.

It may not be fully compatible with current versions of Angular.

Angular QuickStart Lib

Build Status

This is a simple library quickstart for Angular libraries.


  • a simple a library
  • unit tests for the library
  • a demo application that consumes the library in JIT mode and runs in watch mode
  • an integration app that consumes the library in JIT and AOT mode and runs e2e tests

Common tasks are present as npm scripts:

  • npm start to run a live-reload server with the demo app
  • npm run test to test in watch mode, or npm run test:once to only run once
  • npm run build to build the library
  • npm run lint to lint
  • npm run clean to clean
  • npm run integration to run the integration e2e tests
  • npm install ./relative/path/to/lib after npm run build to test locally in another app

If you need to debug the integration app, please check ./integration/